Gabby Morrongiello: Democrats Will Always Criticize This President No Matter What He Does’

‘So obviously we’ve been hearing a lot of criticism from people like Nancy Pelosi’

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MORRONGIELLO: "Democrats will always criticize this president no matter what he does. It’s been clear from the start that he can do no right for the Democratic Party. So obviously we’ve been hearing a lot of criticism from people like Nancy Pelosi, from people like congressman Ingle, the ranking member of the house foreign affairs committee. Saying this letter to Trump sounded like a Valentine, written by a kindergarten child, this is what we’re hearing from the Democrats in the wake of the summit being cancelled. It’s unfortunate. Obviously the administration officials are tuning it out and how to move forward with north Korea. Whether a summit is still going to happen. If not, how to proceed in terms of getting the Kim regime to commit to denuclearization."

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