Eric Schiffer on ‘Spy’ in Trump Campaign: We Still ‘Don’t Know’ the ‘Scope of His Mandate’

‘That’s really what this is about because it’s not about whether he worked inside the Trump campaign’


MacDONALD: "Let's bring back the panel, Deneen Borelli and Eric Schiffer. Eric, you know, Democrats are trying to shut this down saying there was no spy, this person was merely an informant. The question is, if that person was paid, it's not just a confidential source, it is a spy right or an informant?"
SCHIFFER: "Well it's an informant and what we don't know and what we should know is to what extent and what was the scope of this person's mandate, and you know it's one thing to be investigating the Russia side but we don't know whether there was some other mandate and we should know and that's really what this is about because it's not about whether he worked inside the Trump campaign. You can be a spy and be remote, come on so what are the details and it's really about the details to determine whether there was something going on more so and when you couple that with the Obama assertion that he never had a scandal, I mean, Iran, the gun running and Mexico , it really causes you to have to say how can he think that? What is going on in his head. This is an intelligent guy to some level he can read the paper and the news and to just ignore that makes no sense."

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