Kimmel on ‘Spygate’ Name: Trump Probably Doesn’t Even Know What Watergate Is

‘Even though there’s no spy or gate’


KIMMEL: "He’s like a large-mouth bass, he doesn’t think, he just strikes when he’s annoyed. He hears the word Watergate and he probably doesn’t really know what Watergate is but he knows it had something to do with spying and a president, so somehow he convinces himself, wait a minute, that’s what’s happening to me. Then he says, this is Spygate! Even though there’s no spy or gate, for that matter. But now that this Spygate nonsense is out there, this is what he wants. Now people have to decide, who do we trust? It comes down to the FBI or Pumpkin McPorn Humper, which one do you believe?  Of course we believe the Pumpkin. He also tweeted this, follow the money. Which is a line from the movie “All the president’s men.” Also happens to be the way Trump gets women into his bedroom, follow the money, ladies."

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