Ignatius: ‘President Trump Is Being Sensible in Trying To Lower Expectations’ of the North Korea Summit

‘President Trump is being sensible in trying to lower expectations’


IGNATIUS: "But it’s clear that this will not be a quick process where Kim Jong-un comes and says, 'Ah, at last I have an opportunity to give up my nuclear weapons, I’ve been wanting to do this.' No, that’s not going to happen. And I think President Trump is being sensible in trying to lower expectations, lower his own stake in getting a successful outcome, taking home that Nobel Peace Prize. So I would think that meeting is still likely but that we’ll have some sort of phased process. The President has now essentially accepted that that’s something that he’s willing to think about. It’s not going to be the immediate, complete denuclearization, but there may be an outcome he could still accept. If the North Koreans continue their non-testing of weapons, that’s a significant achievement he could say.”

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