Sally Kohn Agrees with Rand Paul that Obama’s War Against ISIS Is ‘Illegal’

Senator Paul penned an opinion piece for The Daily Beast voicing his belief that President Obama is violating the law

Rand Paul on ISIS response: 'This war is now illegal' (CNN)

Sen. Rand Paul declared the war against ISIS "illegal" in a new opinion piece Monday, urging conservatives to speak out against President Barack Obama's decision not to seek congressional authorization for military action against the terrorist group.

"This war is now illegal. It must be declared and made valid, or it must be ended," the Kentucky Republican wrote in an op-ed published Monday by the Daily Beast.

The U.S. began airstrikes in Iraq in early August and in Syria in September, citing a 2001 measure known as the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) as the president's legal basis for going after terrorist threats.

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