Jim Himes: Trump Is Acting Like Like He Knows Russia Investigation Will Uncover Some Pretty Ugly Stuff

‘There’s only one way for somebody to be proven innocent is to let the investigation run its course’


HIMES: "And it all points to one thing: There are no conclusions, but there are lots of questions. How do you answer questions? With an investigation. This is why I don’t understand the President’s attack on this investigation. If he succeeded in closing it down tomorrow, the myriad of questions that are out there would hang over his presidency for as long as it was here. There’s only one way for somebody who is innocent to be proven innocent, which is to let the investigation run its course and if the facts show that the President and his people did nothing, let the investigation tell the American people that and we can move on. Instead, Donald Trump is acting like a guy who knows that an investigation is going to uncover some pretty ugly stuff."

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