Hannity: Deep State Spying on the Trump Campaign Is ‘Watergate on Steroids’

‘This is a deep state, political hit job now spying on an opposition party campaign’

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HANNITY: "All right. Thanks. Welcome to “Hannity.” Breaking news. The deep state of power we have been uncovering for over a year is even tonight far worse than any of us could have imagined. This is watergate on steroids. Remember the Nixon scandal was about a third-rate burglary. This is a deep state, political hit job now spying on an opposition party campaign. F.B.I. Spies during an election. It gets worse. The deep state isn’t even trying to hide it. What they did, they are now bragging about it. The former Obama director of national intelligence James clapper is actually saying spying on the Trump campaign was a good thing. Has he ever heard of the Constitution? We’ll unpack all the stunning new details tonight."

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