Colbert: How Can Russia Investigation Be a Witch Hunt When People Were Charged and Pleaded Guilty?

‘Can we stop calling it a witch hunt?’

COLBERT: "Meanwhile, back on the farm, the president celebrated the first anniversary of Mueller’s investigation with this tweet — 'Congratulations America, we are now into the second year of the greatest witch hunt in American history.' First of all, you do realize that those actual witch hunts were also American history, right?  And second, you don’t need to congratulate us. We’re not Vladimir Putin. And third, can we stop calling it a witch hunt? That implies everyone involved is innocent and Mueller’s already charged 19 people as well as three companies, and secured five guilty pleas. For Pete’s sake, they arrested Michael Flynn on the tarmac  of J.F.K., when he was about to take off on his broomstick.  And Trump twote on, 'The only collusion was that done by Democrats. I didn’t collude. You colluded. I’m rubber, you’re glue.' And as Stormy Daniels would tell you, I don’t use a rubber.”

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