Avenatti: Cohen and Trump Are Still Threatening Us with the NDA and Damages

‘Michael Cohen may ultimately find things that lead back Donald Trump’


MELBER: "I think the question from Mr. Avenatti that keeps coming up, is not are you doing good so far, you've had some progress, that’s been discussed on television repeatedly. I think the question is what is left for you to litigate on behalf of Ms. Daniels if you've already gotten basically her case out into the public and the NDA feels essentially inoperative." 
AVENATTI: "Well I think it’s still operative. Because of course Cohen and Trump are still continuing to threat my client with the images relating to the NDA. The NDA is not [indecipherable] which is one of the things that we are seeking, and we are not seeking, that only have it invalidated. We want specific grounds to have that NDA invalidated under not just the fact that he didn't sign the agreement but we want an order that it’s invalidated because it violated campaign finance law, violated other provisions relating to public disclosure and the like. That’s the specific remedy that we are seeking as it relates to the NDA. We also have the defamation against Michael Cohen. We have the defamation claim against Mr. Trump. So there is a lot of claims left to litigate in connection with this. And we are going to continue to litigate those says cases and we are going to continue to serve as a repository of information. As it comes to us we are going to disclose it. And if people don’t like that, they can turn the channel or not follow us on Twitter and the like." 

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