Elder: Obama Using Sharpton as Adviser Shows His Increasing Desperation

‘The White House has convinced themselves that when Obama has opposition, the opposition is largely because of racism’

"You and me both remembering 2008. You couldn't put Al Sharpton and Obama in the same hotel room because Obama knew that Sharpton was a polarizing figure. I can understand how before the election Obama might reach out in order to stock up the the base of black voters, but after the election it makes zero sense. This man is a very polarizing guy to the extent that he got some more black supporters, he has also lost a lot non-black supporters because of Sharpton. I don't get it Tucker any more than you do …

He [Sharpton] is $4.7 million light in taxes. He still hasn't paid a quarter million dollars fine from the SCC when he violated campaign finance laws back in 2004. And you're quite right, he made his bones falsely accusing a man of raping a black teenager. How this guy even shows his face is beyond me, let along become one of the president's BFF. I'm astounded …

The White House has convinced themselves that when Obama has opposition the opposition is largely because of racism. I think Obama and his advisers, including Eric Holder, have convinced themselves that a lot of Americans don't like Obama not because Obama's policies, not because the stimulus, not because of ObamaCare, but because he's a black guy."

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