John Brennan: There Is Still a Lot the Public Does Not Know About Trump Tower Meeting

‘Do you know more about that meeting than we do in the public domain’

TODD: "Let me ask you straight up, everything we think we know about the Trump Tower meeting, what Donald Trump Jr. Testified before the Senate judiciary Committee and the version of events based on the transcripts that we have all read today, do you believe those version of events? Or do you think we don't actually know what happened in that Trump Tower meeting?"
BRENNAN: "I think there is still a lot that the public does not know. I know there are a lot of things that I don't know. I knew a lot when I was in government but I am --
TODD: "Do you know more about that meeting than we do in the public domain?
BRENNAN: "I'm not going to talk about what I might or might not know.
TODD: "I only just said because you just admitted it. So I had to -- I hear you.
BRENNAN: "I know a lot about what happened during my time at CIA during the presidential campaign that has not come out publicly for a variety of reasons. But I know that Bob Mueller and his team of investigators have uncovered a lot more information and are putting the pieces together. So I don't think anybody should assume complete knowledge and the truth about any of these interactions or meetings. Because we only see and hear what has come out so far. But I'm sure there is still a lot more out this."

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