Rep. Carson: The Russian Gov’t Deliberately Targeted the Trump Campaign, They Wanted To Discredit Hillary

‘They wanted to promote Donald Trump and present him in a favorable light’

BLITZER: "Let’s turn to the newly released transcripts of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding that very controversial 2016 Trump Tower meeting in New York and the aftermath. A meeting with Trump campaign officials and Russians. Was there a smoking gun? Do you believe pointing to proof of collusion between the trump campaign and official Russia.
CARSON: "Well I think this information only reaffirms what many of us have always known and suspected for that matter. It was that the Russian government deliberately targeted the Trump campaign. They wanted to discredit Hillary Clinton. They wanted to promote Donald Trump and present him in a favorable light and they want to have influence and they didn’t stop. They had Russian bots, they had folks and influencers and wealthy Russians to try to influence the campaign and the American people and quite frankly I think it had tremendous impact."

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