Trump: We’ve Made a Lot of Progress on the Wall and Now We’re Going for Full Funding

‘And we’re going to try to get that as soon as possible’


TRUMP: "Unfortunately, Congress — and I have to say congressional Democrats, you take a look at what has been going on and what is going on with the laws, whether it’s catch and release and whether it’s any of the things that we’re fighting for, it’s so hard. Now, we have started the wall. We’re spending $1.6 billion between fixing and starting. You know, Melissa, what’s been going on. We’re getting it up. We have a lot of folks in California. They don’t talk about it but they want the wall up and they're very happy. That’s one of the reasons we started in California. We made a lot of progress on it. Now we’re going for the full funding for the wall and we’re going to try to get that as soon as possible. But it's become a very popular issue."

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