Scarborough: ‘There Is No Good News for Donald Trump’ in the Russia Investigation

‘I mean there is no good news for Donald Trump’


SCARBOROUGH: "Freaked out. Talk about clinging to the smallest of victories. But here you have a judge in the D.C. Circuit saying, 'No, this is fine, they can move forward with it.' I mean, there is no good news for Donald Trump. There is no good news even if in the Eastern District of Virginia they say, 'You know what, just procedurally, this may exceed the bounds. Why don’t you just toss it over to the U.S. Attorney and they can prosecute Manafort here?'”
HEILEMANN: "There may be some good news on the horizon at some point for Donald Trump, who knows, but it’s a sign of, to your point, how unrelentingly troublesome and negative the news on all of these legal fronts has been, that when there’s a glimmer of anything, just a small rhetorical flourish, they seize on it."

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