Scarborough: Donald Trump Has an Aversion to History

‘Donald Trump has an aversion, he’s allergic to complexity, and allergic to history’


SCARBOROUGH: “You’ve just used two words, and Willie, I mean this, Donald Trump has an aversion, he’s allergic to complexity, and allergic to history. He doesn’t know history. He doesn’t want to know history. People around him are contemptuous of history. His closest aides, his family members, they believe that they can remake history. They believed they could go into the Middle East and just like that, it would be easy to fix. They told me it was going to be easy to fix. They had a plan. You look at the pictures that are coming out of the Middle East, that, here we are a year and a half later, this is what they were telling me, during the transition, was going to be so easy to fix. Because everybody that went before them were fools and idiots, that they knew how to run a real estate company in New York. They certainly could take care of a 4,000-year crisis.”

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