‘Fox & Friends’ on White House Leaks: Trump ‘Cannot Trust His Own Staff’

‘He is owed the sanctity of a private conversation’

Fox & Friends on White House Leaks: Trump ‘Cannot Trust His Own Staff’ (Mediaite

On Tuesday, Fox & Friends harmonized with Donald Trump in blasting those who undermine the administration by leaking things like White House aide Kelly Sadler‘s derogatory comments about Sen. John McCain.

Trump and Kellyanne Conway cemented the administration’s positionyesterday by declaring that the act of leaking was far worse than Sadler’s comments themselves, which involved a quip that McCain’s was irrelevant because he’s “dying anyway.” While Brian Kilmeadenoted that the statements about McCain were “abhorrent,” he lamented that “this is supposedly the inner circle, the people [Trump] trusts the most. They have got to be able to talk openly and honestly.”

Fox & Friends addressed Jonathan Swan’s recent report for Axios in which officials confided their reasons for leaking from the White House.

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