Barney Frank: I’ve Always Thought of the Tea Party as ‘Dumb Animals’

‘I’m interested to see Mitch McConnell joining in that characterization’

Barney Frank: I Thought of Tea Party as 'Dumb Animals' (NewsBusters)

A shame that Barney Frank retired from Congress.  We could really use him as the face of the Dem party.  

On this evening's Hardball, Barney, AKA Mr. Congeniality, let it be known that he thought of Tea Party members as "dumb animals."

This wasn't some off-hand slip of the tongue.  To the contrary, Barney had clearly concocted his line with malice aforethought and went out of his way to work it in.  Frank mentioned that Mitch McConnell said that if President Obama used executive orders to do certain things [i.e., grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants], Republicans would see it as a "waving a red flag" in front of a bull.

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