Paul Ryan Heaps Praise on John McCain: ‘His Legacy Is So Long ... John McCain Is a Hero to Us’

‘John McCain helped us save our military’


RYAN: "Look, John McCain’s a hero, no two ways about it. John McCain, I mean, he gave his entire adult life for this country. John McCain fought for us in Vietnam, was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, came home and dedicated his life to public service. His vocation in life was making life better for people and better for the country. There are so many accolades I could heap on to John McCain but I know John very well. John McCain helped us save our military. He was so passionate about this. We lost 80 service members to death by training and equipment failures. That’s part of a problem of a budge we had. John McCain made sure we reinvested in our military, fixed our veteran affairs problems. His legacy is so long that John McCain is a hero to us and John McCain, all of our thoughts and prayers are with John and his family right now at this time."

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