Comey to Republicans Defending Trump: ‘What Will You Tell Your Grandchildren?’

‘You did what today and why?’

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COMEY: "The question I keep asking or urging especially Republicans today to ask themselves is the grandchildren question, what are you going to tell your grandchildren, you did what today and why? And what will the story be you'll tell your grandchildren? Well, there were important tax cuts on the table, there were important policy issues, and so I did the following. I don’t think you can explain that trade to your grandchildren even if it means the loss of your job. I think the honorable thing to do is to remember what the institution stands for and stand for that. And if you get fired from that, think of the story you’ll tell your grandchildren and inspire them some day. And if you shame yourself by making trades telling yourself some story about your value to the nation and making trades on those principles, I don’t know what you’re going to tell your grandchildren.”

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