Heather Nauert: ‘Unbelievable that Some Would Try to Blame the U.S. for Iran’s Actions’

‘It’s unbelievable that others would try to blame Israel for this’


NAUERT: "You know, it’s unbelievable that some would try to blame the United States for Iran’s actions. It’s unbelievable that others would try to blame Israel for this. Iran is responsible for many bad acts around the world. We’ve seen that as Iran has provided weapons, money and all of that to Hezbollah operating in Syria, we’ve seen as Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps operate outside of Syria, as, by the way, they continue to back the regime of Bashar Al Assad. Let me just remind you it wasn’t that long ago that that regime gassed and killed many innocent civilians, not just once but many, many times. So let’s take a look at where these bad actions are coming from. They’re from Iran and not other countries."

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