Scarborough Blasts Sen. King Over Haspel Hearing: ‘Was This Just a Sideshow for Your Base?’

‘Dianne Feinstein asked a question that she knew she could not answer in a public committee hearing’


SCARBOROUGH: “You also though — there is also a lot of information that you could have gotten if the cameras were turned off and people were taken out of the room. I mean, it's just like Dianne Feinstein asked a question that she knew she could not answer in a public committee hearing and also knew that if the room were cleared and the cameras were turned off, you all could get the information. Was this just a sideshow for your base?”
KING: “No, no, no. Because we had a closed session for three hours after that meeting and the answers weren’t anymore forthcoming. In fact I got very frustrated and felt that in some ways they were worse than we had in the public hearing. I don't -- I didn’t see that at all. And when I was asking that question about who does the classification decision, I wasn’t sure of the answer. I thought it was her, but I also thought she may have recused herself and turned it over to the director of National Intelligence which would have made a lot more sense than her making decisions about what of her record was going to be revealed."

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