Kamala Harris on Cohen: The Reports of Ties to a Russian Oligarch Are ‘Very Troubling’

‘It is something we need to pay attention to’

TAPPER: "That was the president’s personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen just moments ago returning to his — hotel in emergency. And the bombshell of release of information about the president’s lawyer possibly taking large sums of money from corporations with business in front of the president, including an investment bank with ties to a Russian oligarch and Putin crony. Joining me to talk about this and much more is kamala Harris of California. She sits on the Senate intelligence commity. The firm in question with the ties to the oligarch said he had nothing to do with the huge sum of money given to Michael Cohen. Do you believe him?"
HARRIS: " I don’t know what to believe. But I’ll tell you that it is — the reports are very troubling and yet again we’re hearing information about what might be I connection to Russia and Russian oligarchs so it is something we need to pay attention to."
TAPPER: "The special counsel Robert Mueller and his team questioned this oligarch about the payments to Cohen, as a former prosecutor, how close do you suspect this is to actually hitting President Trump?"
HARRIS: "You know, I’m — part of an investigation that we’re doing in the Senate intelligence committee so I can’t talk about that evidence and what we’re doing there. But since you mentioned Mueller, I think it is very important that whenever we’re talking about his investigation, we realize he has to stay in that position and be free from my political influence and I sit on the judiciary — judiciary also and a bipartisan bill has been passed out of committee saying that we should make sure that Mueller is — remains in tact and that he is not fired at the whim of the president and I would like to see the majority leader bring that to the floor for a vote so we can ensure there is a legitimate investigation that takes place and that Mueller is able to see his investigation through."

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