Earnest: ‘We’d Like To See’ the House Pass the Senate’s Amnesty Bill

‘We’ve seen House Republicans block it, and not really for a very good reason, I might add’

“There are some Republicans who have come together with Democrats on the Capitol Hill, in the United States Senate, I might add, to pass legislation, bipartisan legislation that would address so many of the problems that are plaguing our broken immigration system right now. They would address these problems in a way that would actually create jobs , that would reduce the deficit, that would expand economic opportunity, that would strengthen the border and strengthen our homeland security.

This is a common sense piece of legislation that represents a compromise, as the president acknowledged yesterday. It's not a piece of legislation that he would have written himself, but it is certainly something that reflects the principles that he's laid out. There's bipartisan ground around this.

And frankly, what we'd still like to see, Alisyn, is the House of Representatives take up this piece of legislation. If they do, we know it will pass. There's enough bipartisan support for it in the House. The only reason it hasn't gotten a vote is we've seen House Republicans block it, and not really for a very good reason, I might add.”


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