Gardner: Release of Americans from N. Korea Wouldn’t Have Happened under Obama’s Strategic Patience Doctrine

‘The only reason this is happening is because president Trump believes in the maximum pressure doctrine’


GARDNER: "What has happened differently since that action, since that death, that tragic death, is the application of maximum pressure, something that I have sought for many years that we started in Congress with the passage of my legislation and the North Korea sanctions enhancement policy, the enhancement act. That started to apply this pressure doctrine that President Trump has utilized to the best extent possible and continues to do that, continues to put the economic diplomatic pressure on the regime. As a result of that, you see how Otto Warmbier was treated. And you now see these three individuals coming home. I’m thankful and this country is extremely blessed they are coming home, but we have to do more. We can’t give up on the pressure. The only reason this is happening is because President Trump believes in the maximum pressure doctrine. This wouldn’t have happened under the strategic patience doctrine."

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