Bolton: We’re Not Going to Rely on Paper Promises’ to Stop Iran from Getting Deliverable Nukes

‘We’re going to try to work with the Europeans, we have an absolutely shared common objective which is to prevent Iran from getting deliverable nuclear weapons’


DICKERSON: "So, U.S. allies say that the president withdrew from the Iran deal and has no plan B. What is plan B for achieving U.S. objectives?
BOLTON: "Well, I think plan B is already being implemented when the president signed the decision memorandum yesterday, he began the process to put very strict U.S. sanctions back into effect, that will have a significant ripple effect on Iran's economy. And I think it demonstrates that we're determined that we're not going to rely on paper promises, we're going to rely on real performance to stop Iran from getting deliverable nuclear weapons. One Iranian threat that you didn't mention this morning that they've made is to increase spending on their ballistic missile program, which was never covered by the Iran nuclear deal. Now, why do they want more ballistic missiles? I can assure you it's not to launch weather satellites or communication satellites, this is how they deliver nuclear weapons. And I think it shows where the regime really is."

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