Ann Coulter Warns Conservatives: ‘Stay Paranoid’; GOP Might Screw Up

‘Keep their feet to the fire ... oh, wow, there were lessons’

Coulter Warns Conservatives: ‘Stay Paranoid,’ GOP Might Screw Up (Mediaite)

Ann Coulter joined Sean Hannity tonight to bask in the huge GOP midterm victories. Hannity told Coulter right off the bat that the Republican Party needs to get to work because “if they don’t do their job and put out a competing agenda.”

Coulter agreed and advised conservatives to “stay paranoid” because the Republicans might screw things up and not pursue the agenda they were elected to pursue.

But that aside, Coulter was over the moon about the unprecedented wins by the GOP in Tuesday night’s midterms. And one of the best pieces of news Coulter found in all this is that it will be “hard for the media” to ignore it when the Republican-led Congress passes bill after bill and President Obama vetoes every single one of them.

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