Boris Johnson: Trump’s Right to Point Out Iran Deal Flaws But He Shouldn’t Throw the Baby Out with Bath Water

‘We have to push back what Iran is doing in the region’


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TRUMP: "In the streets saying death to America. I said who signs a deal when they’re marching saying, death to America?"
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KILEMADE: "President Trump’s deadline to decide the fate of Iranian deal just days away, May 12th. Our next guest who is meeting the vice president today on the very issue warns it offers the fewest disadvantages and only Iran benefits by withdrawing. Here to explain British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. Mr. Secretary --"
JOHNSON: "Good morning."
KILMEADE: "-- make your case by staying in this deal, that you even told us is flawed."
JOHNSON: "It is. And of course the president is right to see flaws in it. And he set a very reasonable challenge to the world. Look, Iran is behaving badly. Iran has a tendency to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles. We got to stop that. We got to push back what Iran is doing in the region. We got to be tougher on Iran. We got to fix the flaws in the deal. and one of the most important is this sunset clause which means that after 2025 it allows, the current deal allows Iran to go forward fast with enrichment programs, which could lead to a nuclear weapon. Now, no sanctions go back on. We need to find a way of fixing that, and the president has been right to call attention to it. But you can’t do that without just throwing the baby out with the bath water, without scrapping the whole thing. Because if you do that you have to answer the question, what next?"

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