Axios’ Swan: Trump and Giuliani Have Been Conducting Their Own Operation Without Coordinating with Anybody in the W.H.

‘They’ve been watching, like us, like spectators’

SWAN: "It’s a bit of a black box for people in the West Wing. The one certain fact is that whatever President Trump and Rudy Giuliani have conducted over the last few days, it’s been entirely without any coordination with anybody in the White House. They’ve been watching, like us, like spectators. Senior people in the West Wing, I wonder what he will say no. That’s including the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. A lot of people in the West Wing were comparing it to the days of Anthony scaramucci, his 11 days in the White House where again it was sort of this wild ride watching statements made on TV and not knowing whether there was a grand strategy behind it or not. There were a lot of people who were relieved when they saw President Trump come out and rebuke Rudy Giuliani and suggest he had to pull it back. There were a lot of people from the West Wing who found that a source of relief."

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