Devin Nunes: We’re Going to Hold Jeff Sessions in Contempt of Congress

‘We’re just not going to take this nonsense’

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HENRY: "Rudy Giuliani no lead attorney for the president. Saying last night on fox that the attorney general should shut down the Mueller investigation. I am bringing in Devin Nunes. You know him across, Republican from California, chairman of the house in subcommittee. Good morning, Mr. Chen series."
NUNES: "Great with you guys."
HENRY: "I wonder if you can react to that."
NUNES: "Special counsel bona fide from the judge that looks like this whole investigation has gone off the rails. What we have been investigating in the house intelligence committee is the FISA abuse and a counterintelligence investigation. Remember, they open up this investigation. I think it is really important to the American people to understand. This is done in a secret manner. If you have a counterintelligence investigation open as an American citizen, this is done secretly. With only a few peoples knowledge. And if they go to court, the victory secret court to get a warrant on you like they did with Carter Page. There is a very small apparatus in Congress, in our country that holds the check and balance authority Congress in the executive branch.they decided to move forward on the investigation in a campaign, of all things!that is how we have gotten here. We continue to peel the onion back. And I will tell you what happened, two weeks ago, we sent a letter to the attorney general, Jeff Sessions. A classified letter. Her usual, it was ignored. Not acknowledged. Completely ignored. Last week we sent a subpoena. Then on Thursday we discovered that they are not going to comply with our subpoena."
HENRY: "So what are you going to do about it?"
NUNES: "That is very information that we need. We need to move quickly to hold the attorney general of the United States in contempt. That is what I will press for this week."
HEGSETH: "With when you specifically, holding him in contempt for? Break it down what that means."
NUNES: "We have asked for very important information. It is still classified. It is the problem with a lot of the investigation. Because of the way the conduct of the investigation, most of the information is classified. Because it is so important I will not take any excuse to say we are harming national security. How many times have we heard that argument throughout this entire investigation. We have had to technical support to get the information. We should not have had to face Fusion GPS to court. In order to find out that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton campaign had paid for the dirty dossier. Juror number what was used to get the FISA warrant on the Trump campaign? We should not have had to do that. We’re just not going to take this nonsense. Every time we peel something back. Every time information, we get ignored, we get stalled or stonewalled. Then we get accused of, we’re going to destroy the nations ability to keep it secure."

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