Mollie Hemingway on NBC Walkback: ‘Animosity’ Towards Trump Is Making All the Errors Happen in One Direction

‘The media uses anonymous sources getting things wrong’


HEMINGWAY: "Couple problems. One the media uses anonymous sources getting things wrong. No accountability using anonymous source. I know we shouldn’t trust this person. Animosity toward trump that make all the errors happen in one direction. This is not the first time there has been a major correction on a story that’s really gig. And they always go in anti-Trump direction. That suggests that it’s not just what happens sometimes in journalism, which sometimes stories get wrong."
HENRY: "People make mistakes."
HEMINGWAY: "Something else going on here, something we probably saw in the 2016 election. Inability to understand what was happening in the country and just on a very important big story. And here, this is a big important story."

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