Matt Schlapp: NRA Members ‘Are Just So Thankful To Have a President Standing Up for the Second Amendment’

‘I would say overall a rousing reaction’


INGRAHAM: "Well, despite the warm welcome, NRA members became nervous when trump seemed open to some gun control measures. The administration hasn’t pushed gun rights bills such as that concealed carry reciprocity legislation. Let’s get reaction. Great to see both of you. All right, Matt, you were in the room as this was going down today. And it was a rockstar welcome. They love President Trump. And he made a little news today. Tell us about it."
SCHLAPP: "Yeah, well, that’s right. The one thing about president Trump is he doesn’t have a long standing voting record and he’s willing to look at these issues afresh. Which sometimes makes people nervous. He talks about the idea that we have to confront these ideas and look at our laws. He’s talked about the background check. And it makes some people in the room uneven. But overall, the people who are members the of the NRA are just so thankful to have a president standing up for the second Amendment. I would say overall a rousing reaction."

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