Comey Hits Back at ‘Ridiculous’ Giuliani: ‘Unacceptable,’ ‘Dangerous’ for Him to Attack FBI

‘We’re lucky that we live in a country where facts matter’

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DICKERSON: “Your book talks about your early career and the first time you met Rudy Giuliani, you were very excited to go work for him. You said, ‘It fired me up, working for him.’ So, this guy who got you fired up is now saying pretty tough things about you.”
COMEY: “Yeah. It seems like the love has gone. I enjoyed working for him as a young prosecutor. I found him exciting and brash. I learned through the lens of adulthood that wasn’t a great kind of leadership, but it was an exciting place to be a young prosecutor.”
DICKERSON: “But what about his claims that you should be prosecuted? He’s essentially echoing what the President has said. You leaked information, that you — I mean he has a lot of authority with a lot of people.”
COMEY: “We’re lucky that we live in a country where facts matter and that people aren’t prosecuted by people tweeting about them. The facts in this case just make those accusations ridiculous.”
GOLODRYGA: “He also called F.B.I. agents who raided Michael Cohen’s office, he compared them to storm troopers, Nazis, Nazi Germany. You sort of deflect when he attacks you. What is your reaction when he’s going after F.B.I. agents, calling them storm troopers?”
COMEY: “That’s unacceptable. When our nation’s leaders, our president or his representatives attack the institutions of justice the rest of us have to not only pay attention, we have the speak out. Because we need those institutions. And the notion that the F.B.I. is made up of Nazi storm troopers is just wrong and dangerous. I think all of us have to say that’s not normal, that’s not okay, and speak back to it.”


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