Avenatti to Trump: You and Your Lawyers ‘Need to Bring It’ Because You ‘Continue to Lie to the American People’

‘This is an absolute disgrace what is going on here over the last few months’


AVENATTI: “Mr. President, you and your advisers and your lawyers need to bring it. Bring it. Because you can continue to lie to the American people and we are not going to tolerate it, not today, not tonight, and any other day. This is an absolute disgrace what is going on here over the last few months. And, by the way, if anybody thinks that Donald Trump wrote those tweets, then they haven’t been paying attention over the last couple years. I don’t know the lawyer that wrote this, but you can tell a lawyer wrote it because all you have to do is count the number of commas in the first tweet. Whoever the lawyer is that wrote this, that lawyer is also a moron.”

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