‘Morning Joe’ Points Finger at John Bolton for White House’s Major ‘Typo’ on Iran’s Nuke Program

‘Did they pass it by John Bolton? Because if they did, if you read that in a second you would go – it’s past tense, this would actually start a war’

Morning Joe Points Finger at John Bolton For White House’s Major ‘Typo’ on Iran’s Nuke Program (Mediaite

Morning Joe reacted on Tuesday to the White House’s major correction over their statement about Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program.

On Monday, the Trump Administration followed up on the claims from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and issued a statement declaring that Iran “has a robust, clandestine nuclear weapons program that it has tried and failed to hide from the world.” However, last night, the White House claimed there was a “clerical error” and that they meant to say that Iran “HAD” a secret nuke program.

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