Bloomberg’s Pettypiece: ‘Very Likely’ That Voters Are ‘Demoralized’ and Won’t Turnout

‘I think there’s this perception that there will be large voter turnout’


PETTYPIECE: "I think when you look at 2018 to this point of people being independent and this anger being across the entire system, I think that should be a wake-up call to Democrats because I think there is this perception that in 2018, well, everybody is angry with the current system so they’ll immediately vote for Democrats. But it does not seem people are voting across the traditional party lines. Just because they don’t like what Republicans who are in control are doing does not mean they’re going to vote for Democrats. They are voting for the individual. They are going to get disgusted and not vote at all. I think there’s this perception that there will be large voter turnout, but it’s very likely I think also that people will just be demoralized by everything and not even turn out."

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