ABC’s Jon Karl: ‘In Michigan Last Night, President Trump Was Unfiltered and Unrestrained’

‘President Trump was unfiltered and unrestrained’

KARL: "In Michigan last night, President Trump was unfiltered and unrestrained. Capping off a turbulent week of nomination drama. Legal twists. And foreign dignitaries at the White House. But it was a meeting between north and south Kia’s leaders that captured the world’s attention. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s president moon taking the first steps on what may be an historic journey. Kim shaking hands with the south Korean leader. Crossing into south Korean soil. The two of them wroszing back to North Korea hand in hand. A few small steps. A giant symbolic gesture. Both leaders pledged to formally end the Korean war. Sealing their joint declaration with a hug. And appearing together in front of the press. President Trump hailed the meeting as major breakthrough that he made possible. He’s out thing Mike Pompeo’s secret meeting with Kim Jong-un. The White House released these photos of that meeting to pave the way for the upcoming summit between Kim and President Trump. There are a lot of questions about that meeting. Will it lead to the kind of break through that has eluded President Trump’s predecessors."

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