MSNBC to RNC’s Priebus: ‘Should People Be Worried About You Impeaching Obama?’

‘So you are saying impeachment would be off the table? Am I reading you right?’

MELBER: "When you look at the base voters -- in our new NBC poll we asked people would they carry a protest sign, 57 percent said they would. That's a high sign of engagement. And among Republicans, we asked then in their own words, hey what sign would you carry? And they said, 'Impeach Obama, Stop Abortion, and Enforce Immigration Laws,' - as some of the top three, two of those being part of your policy. If you do win the Senate, should you people be worried about you impeaching Obama or is that off the table?"
PRIEBUS: "I think it’s a good Democrat talking points but -- I think people are angry and I think actually that some Democrats are angry, too. I just think people believe that this country is in the ditch. I think people see a Washington that isn’t working. Some of what Steve [Smith] said I agree with, and I think ultimately the person at the head of all of this is the president. Some people might think that's fair, or not fair. I think it is, and you have Harry Reid that’s holding up over 260 bills in the Senate. It spells a big problem for Democrats. I don’t think I’m saying anything earth shattering, I think it's true."
MELBER: "Final question then. So you are saying impeachment would be off the table? Am I reading you right? And second what is the one thing —"
PRIEBUS: "I think --" [crosstalk] -- I’m sorry, go ahead."
MELBER: "I was going to say is it off the table if I understand you and what is the one thing -- you mentioned those bills. What’s the one most important thing you think will be done or passed if you win the majority that people should vote for Republicans?"
PRIEBUS: "We will pass a budget in both chambers, number one, and we'll pass the Keystone pipeline, number two. And I actually think the president will sign the bill on the Keystone pipeline, because I think the pressure and he’s going to be boxed in on that, and I think it’s going to happen."
MELBER: "All right. Some specifics and some promises there. Thank you and as I said to your counterpart, good luck on Election Day."


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