Chuck Todd: ‘The Democratic Party Is No Longer the Party of Obama’

‘The Democratic party is the party of Clintons again. Democrats all over the country were begging for Clinton to campaign for them’

Chuck Todd: Democratic Party ‘No Longer the Party of Obama’ (Washington Free Beacon)

NBC’s Chuck Todd said that the Democratic Party is “no longer the party of Obama” due to his distinct lack of campaign activity in key senate races during the 2014 election cycle.

“The Democratic Party is no longer the party of Obama,” Todd said on Election day. “One thing we do know after tonight–the Democratic Party is the party of Clintons again.”

Todd pointed out that Obama campaigned in virtually none of the competitive states while at-risk Democratic candidates were “begging” Bill Clinton to campaign in their states.

“Democrats all over the country were begging for Bill Clinton to campaign for them,” Todd said. “And they were doing the Heisman to Mr. Obama.”

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