Watters: ‘Kanye West and Donald Trump Have So Much in Common Besides the Dragon Energy’

‘They drive their supporters crazy but also make their supporters dance’


WATTERS: "I would say one thing, I think Kanye West and Donald Trump have so much in common besides the dragon energy. They both thrive on controversy. Both are egotistical. Both are loved and hated. They drive their supporters crazy but also make their supporters dance. He said this is not political, Kanye West. He said it’s not about Republican or Democrats. It’s about independent thought. I agree with that. I don’t think he is talking about the black unemployment or some of the things that trump has done for the black community. If you think about the policy, I don’t think trump has hurt African-Americans in in country. You look at food stamps are down. Shootings are down in Chicago and black unemployment. Things are not terrible in the black community as a result of Donald Trump’s policy."

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