Lawrence Jones on Page, Strzok: Every American Should Be Concerned They’re Demeaning Their Target

‘They were using their government phones to do all this texting’


SCOTT: "That’s where you get the unvarnished truth, Lawrence, when you read the text messages that people are sending when they’re not necessarily on working hours or they're not being submitting stuff to their bosses."
JONES: "RIght. I mean, it’s his job to manage. He personally was managing this investigation. He should know what is going on in his inner circle. They were using their government phones to do all this texting. Look, here is the bottom line, this is not even a partisan issue. Every American should be concerned that investigators are having conversations demeaning the person that they are investigating. And the fact that Leslie doesn’t see that as a problem, I feel like that is a little bit of intellectual dishonesty."

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