Scarborough: ‘Donald Trump Put Down Land Mines for His Legal Team All Over the Place Yesterday’

‘Maybe Kim Jong un finally just looked at Donald Trump and said, “Man that guy is crazy; I better start peace talks on my own”‘


SCARBOROUGH: "And Mika, maybe Kim Jong-un finally just looked at Donald Trump and said, 'Man, that guy is crazy. I better start peace talks on my own.' With any luck, though, Donald Trump will take a victory lap this morning by calling in again to 'Fox and Friends,' because I got to tell you, yesterday, yesterday was wonderful. And let’s just say, for our friends over at 'Fox and Friends,' they asked him some good questions, they asked him some good follow-up questions that I think really opened up the conversation. So they certainly should be commended for that. It was a remarkable 30-minute interview. But Donald Trump put down land mines for his legal team all over the place yesterday. So much so that the Southern District of New York moved immediately and amended their pleadings based on the admissions against interests that Donald Trump made on TV.”

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