Rep. Emanuel Cleaver: ‘Of Course’ Black Voters Are Still Being Disenfranchised

‘I think that’s obscene in this country’

FARROW: "And I am heartened to hear the message across the board that people are still voicing what you just said and trying to get their voters out there. We are seeing a lot of voter apathy tough, and particularly with respect to minority voters -- a lot of actual practical obstacles to getting to the poll, that might fly in the face of some of those messages, obviously parts of the Voting rights act being overturned, new Voter ID laws, more restrictions on early voting, all the things that disproportionally affect minority voters. Do you think black voters are still being disenfranchised in this country?"

CLEAVER: "Of course they are. Someone said earlier that we ought to be doing whatever we can, making whatever adjustments we need to make to maximize voter participation in the world’s leading democracy. And so [put] -- people are putting up barriers. Now in some ways, when they do that, we're using -- we, being those of us in elective office, those of us in positions of leadership -- are using those kinds of things like voter ID laws to try to inspire African-Americans to come out. And I think that the turnout is really going to be a lot larger tomorrow than anticipated, than we have seen predicted. But to be sure, in some instances we heard elected officials in private settings, didn’t know the cameras were running, saying that the whole goal was to stop African-Americans and other minorities from voting. I think that's obscene in this country."

FARROW: "Contentious opposition, but you are not the first to suggest it. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, it's really an honor to have you join us at this important moment. Thank you."

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