District Attorney: I Could Not Have Been More Proud of What the Entire Team Did

‘I could not have been more proud of what they did, throughout this whole thing’

STEELE: "So Mr. Ryan here on my left, he heads our family protection unit and he’s prosecuted a lot of cases, sexual assaults, rapes and those who have been drugged in sexual assault cases. He’s been with our office six years and just is one of the best. You saw some of that talent coming across throughout this trial and — and I got reports on how I looked as I was watching what they did. And — the other thing I enjoy doing is coaching and, you know, you get to these points where you work with kids, you work with young adults and you get to that point where you put them out on the field or onto the court and there’s not much you can do at that point other than watch and I could not have been more proud of what they did throughout this whole thing and some of the cross-examination that you all got to see. And some of the quick-witted remarks were something, I think even caused the jurors to laugh."

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