Michael Goodwin: It Is Pretty Clear Comey Did Leak

‘In terms of being a leaker and a liar, it is pretty clear that he did leak’


GOODWIN: "In terms of being a leaker and a liar, I think it is pretty clear that Comey did leak. There is a dispute, of course, about whether he had the right to give those documents in the first place to anybody and secondly, who he gave them to. It’s interesting that he's put both of those people on his legal team, obviously to shield him in an attorney-client relationship. I don’t know that that should stand because he has never described them as their lawyers at a time they got the document. So there is that. And as for his being a liar, I'm reminded of the late great William Safire's line about Hillary Clinton, he called her a congenital liar. And when he got a lot of a lot of pushback he said, 'I made a mistake. I meant to say a congenital lawyer.' I think we are seeing some of that with Comey. Too cute by half."

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