Juan Williams on Kanye: ‘All of a Sudden with a Record Coming Out, He Likes Donald Trump’

‘I guess all of the Donald Trump folks now will go buy Kanye West records’

WILLIAMS: "I am trying my best. I think it’s a superficial conversation because I think Kanye west is the same guy, as Dana said, was insulting Republicans a minute ago in a way I thought was unfair. Now he comes back and I guess it’s always going to be a market for people who say well, but now he likes trump, so we will rally to Kanye. Even his wife said hey, you don’t agree with all the politics. Kanye would say that’s true but it doesn’t matter because I also like Hillary. He has the dragon energy or whenever. It’s so silly at a time when in America we’ve got like, you know, black women on all golf course in Pennsylvania with the police called to get them off. Or the Starbucks situation. Or the young man who was shot and his grandmother’s backyard in Sacramento. Instead of focusing on real issues impacting rice in the country, we are focusing on Kanye west. It’s not about anything of substance. All of a sudden with a record coming out, he likes Donald Trump. I guess all of the Donald Trump folks now will go buy Kanye West records."

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