Trump: The Dems Have Become Obstructionists, That’s All They’re Good At

‘They have bad ideas, they have bad politics’


TRUMP: "They failed to stop him. So, now, they say who is next? Who is next? And this person, Admiral Jackson, Dr. Jackson, a wonderful man. I said to him 'What do you need it for?' And as far as experience is concerned, the Veterans Administration, which is approximately 13 million people, so big, you could run the biggest hospital system in the world and it's small time compared to the Veterans Administration. So nobody has the experience. He’s a leader and a good man. I said do you know what? You are too find a person. His son is a top student at Annapolis. He’s a high-quality person. I said 'What do you need it for?' So, it’s totally his decision but he'll be making a decision. But they failed with Mike Pompeo. And that was a big, big hit because they thought they could stop him and embarrass him. The Democrats have become obstructionists. That’s all they are good at. They're not good at anything else. They have bad ideas. They have bad politics. The one thing they do is obstruct."

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