David Perdue: Michelle Nunn Sounds a Lot Like Obama

‘By the way, she talks about all working together — that sounds like a story that our president told us in 2008’

PERDUE: "Well let's set the record straight again. Her ex-boss in this race did not endorse Michelle Nunn. He actually sent a press release out supporting us in our campaign to change the direction of this country. But again, another distraction away from failed policies of this administration that my oppenent Michelle Nunn supports. The precedent on the Amnesty Bill would bring 15 million new workers into this country. This is the bill that she supports. And by the way, she talks about all working together. That sounds like a story that our president told us in 2008. He said, 'I will work with the Republican Party in a bipartisan way.' The first thing he did was he crammed ObamaCare down our throat. His signature bill destroying two and a half million jobs in our country. Is it any wonder why she is going to be a rubberstamp for this president? Is it any wonder why he puts in the radio, elect Michelle Nunn, she can get out there and help him continues his good work."

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