Huckabee Sanders: ‘Rand Paul Should Have Faith in the President,’ Support Pompeo

‘Democrats have to decide whether they love this country more than they hate this president’


HUCKABEE SANDERS: "We expect Democrats to get on board and focus on what’s best for our country, not what’s best for their midterm election."
KILMEADE: "Sarah, It’s not just Democrats. Rand Paul is causing this uproar. Senator Jeff Flake hasn’t made up his mind. Rand Paul thinks he knows the president’s foreign policy better than the president. And that if this guy, Mike Pompeo does not represent the president the way Rand Paul wants the president to be represented. What’s your message to Rand Paul?"
HUCKABEE SANDERS: "Look, Director Pompeo has spent hours upon hours with the president briefing him on the most sensitive topics and information that our country has. They have a great chemistry. They are on the same page. Otherwise, the president wouldn’t have put him in there. After spending so much time with him, he has a great in-depth knowledge of where they are or how they agree and he wants to see Director Pompeo. And Rand Paul should have faith in the president’s decision as a supporter of his that he is making the right decision for our country, and he should certainly be supportive of what the president is trying to do and continue to be a good ally and partner with the administration."

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