Todd: Democrats ‘Desperate’ To Make Party About Bill Clinton Again

‘In the South, Democrats are desperate for the party to become the party of Bill Clinton again’

TODD: "Who's had a better 2014, in your opinion, Robert -- is Hillary Clinton had a good enough 2014 to change the party from being the party of Obama to back to being the party of the Clintons?"

GIBBS: "Well, look, that's going to be a process that takes more time than just 2014. I don't think she's had a particularly good run with the book. I wouldn't have done as many interviews as she did. I think they hastened the process of Republican attacks which were certainly going to come, but I'd have waited. I'll say, as a Democrat siting here, you have to be impressed with what Rand Paul was saying -- to have a positive talking point before the election I think it is hugely important and I think Jeb Bush is one to watch."

TODD: "You know, Andrew, it's interesting on the Clintons here. It does -- I can tell you this -- in the South Democrats are desperate for the party to become the party of Bill Clinton again. I don't know if they all lean on Hillary, but they definitely wish that."

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