Maddow: Rick Scott is the Worst Campaigner, Worst Debater, Worst Public Speaker Ever

‘Every election cycle, Florida voters do something inexplicable ... my question to you ... is how Rick Scott is governor in the first place’

MADDOW: "I mean, the Florida stuff -- every election cycle, Florida voters do something inexplicable. And Florida politicians do something inexplicable. But this race is — I mean, my question to you, Jose, is how Rick Scott is governor in the first place. I mean regardless of his policy positions, regardless of where he is ideologically. He is the worst campaigner and the worst debater and the worst public speaker I have ever seen at the top of the ticket in any state. In any top of the ticket race. How is he governor in the first place?"

DÍAZ-BALART: "You know, honestly, as far as political figures are concerned, it is an oddity here in Florida. But, you know, there have been odd governors in the past, politically speaking, and, you know, I can’t figure anything out in Florida. I’m just happy I live here."


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